Chapter 1-41 “The Veil Lifts”

The darkness falls away and Kinslayer is blinded and doubled over with all the pain which had been masked by the presence within her.

She leads a charmed life, doesn’t she?

**I had the roughest time figuring out how I wanted to transition back from her possession.  I had the story, but getting from point a to point b is sometimes hard for me to figure out how to show.  Here I’m revealing who the other entity within her is.  I think a couple of you have figured it out kinda.  And it very much pertains to how she became a Kinslayer and how she’ll finally reach her goal(s).  Anyway, I hope the page is enjoyable and, as always, if you find it problematic, let the noob know in the comments!

This is my first page to be done almost entirely in Manga Studio 5.  I had a lot of fun with the watercolor brushes, but I’ll be reserving that for sequences where I need a different effect.  The lack of bag and blood are not continuity errors.  This is an internal perception of herself.**


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