Chapter 1-40 “Assertion”

Tired, injured, taken very nearly to her limit, Kinslayer is under attack from another force seemingly from within.  She must assert herself to have a chance of regaining dominance over her very own body.

** On a different note, I was driving today and the notion suddenly popped into my head that the reason suckers were called that was not necessarily because we’re meant to suck on them.  It’s because they’re made of sugar, or sucre in French, zucker in German, azucar in Spanish, sukker in Norwegian, and so on.  It’s just a chunk of sugar – a sucker.  Why I was thinking about the origin of the word sucker is something I will likely never know.

** Also, I just got off working 8 straight days with overtime and I think I’m sick on top of it, so if the comic doesn’t make much sense I give you full apologies now.  Mention any thoughts you have on it in the comments and I’ll fix it later on.  Thanks!


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