Chapter 1-37 “Intuition”

Intuition?  Uncanny foresight?  Clairvoyance?   A guiding spirit?  Whatever the means, our Kinslayer seems to have a great battle intuition.  I wonder how good it is at picking lottery numbers…


Of all the body mangle injuries that are possible, I think my greatest fear is actually of getting something severed.  I have had nightmares about it and when I handle knives, heavy machinery or put my hands up on a roller coaster, I can’t help but imagine bits of me getting lopped off.  …and here I am severing half a guy’s foot.  Yes, I was squeamish drawing this, but I guess I’ll need to get used to it.  When blades are used for fighting, parts tend to go missing on people.  I wasn’t sure exactly how to draw a foot severance.  I went with the excessive blood masking most of it–the lazy man’s solution.  xD  I hope you enjoy it anyway!


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