Chapter 1-35 “Death of Fear”

“…But fear of death is selfish and holds back your arm when you should strike or makes you second guess your defense.  Fear of death is your greatest weakness.  Take up your weapon, know that you are already dead.  Only through skill in battle can you earn your life anew.”  –Master Yisuun,  Lessons of the Mountain

Death has not always been feared as it is today.  For some cultures it was even greeted (given its own time) as it was an affirmation of life and change.  A remnant of that is in the modern Tarot deck.  The Death card does not mean death in a literal sense, but change.  It’s a recognition that creation and destruction are the same thing, forever intertwined.  Winter comes bringing the death of the sun god and trees wilt, flowers fade, and the world becomes still that life may blossom again fresh and beautiful in the Spring.

*A note on Guardians.  The frock Kinslayer currently wears is her supplicant uniform, meaning it will only be worn for her first year until she either becomes accepted or expelled from the order.  Guardians wear white in recognition that they are already dead.  In effect, they wear their death shrouds as their uniform.  It is a self-effacing act which comes from their strict rules of poverty and their philosophy toward battle.  It also happens to make them readily recognized anywhere they go.

**Artist’s note- I’m pretty happy with much on this page, but the layout feels extra wonky and I’m not entirely sure about the red.  It is what she’s seeing, but does that carry well?  Is it good comicking?  The pages and layouts have been going really well lately so I guess everyone is due a mistake.  Let me know what you think (and if you have any tips!)  Also, the last couple lines sound all big and stuff.  Someone mentioned that she’s all being a badass, but really she’s just trying to psych herself up for the fight.


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