Chapter 1-33 Counterstrike

Kinslayer knows her time is short, so she’s taking the fight to her attackers.


**Sorry for not completing the comic by post time, again!  I have excuses, I promise!  good ones, too!  Just outside my door, the maintenance guys for the apartment complex were replacing the boiler while playing country music very VERY loudly.  Now, I won’t put anyone down for liking country music.  I’m pretty sure not everyone appreciates my favorite music, but that stuff really kills my concentration–as does the sound of people cutting the concrete slab so they can remove the old boiler.

So anyway, here’s the comic.  I’m really happy with it and what I’ve done thus far.  I’ll post later today with a completed one with blood and her red belt and eyebrows.  Pesky eyebrows.  Enjoy!


A friend is also finishing up a kickstarter for his comic, Woohooligan.  It finishes in the next day or two, but he still has a short ways to go as far as funding.  It’s a great comic and deserves a bit of support, so if you can at least swing by and check it out, i’d really appreciate it.  Check out the kickstarter here:


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