Ch. 1-32 “Embracing Amun”

Amun who stands at the gateway between this world and the next.  He is the guardian of the afterlife, the collector of souls, and judge over those who are worthy and unworthy.

Juleamun recognizes that she stands on the precipice of death with no real options to escape.  Being the fighting sort, she’s going to take them with her to the Gate of Amun, and no amount of pain will stop her.


Edit: 8-31:  Finished comic has been uploaded.  I hope you all enjoy!

**I’m very sorry to post an incomplete comic.  The art is unfinished and the text definitely needs some polishing.  I was simply unable to finish it by post time.  I will, however be working on it when I get home from work and hopefully have the completed comic up by the end of the night Thursday.  What I do have is enough to carry the story, though some details such as her expression (does she look like she’s stifling a scream?  I don’t think so,) the black bag, her red belt, the black marks on her hands, some background elements, that awful stone impact on the ground, some bits and pieces… So much to do!!!!!

Again, I’m sorry to post an incomplete piece, but please come back tomorrow and I’ll have the completed piece up.

…I’m so glad I’m not posting another comic Monday.  I need the rest!