Chapter 1-30 “Move!”

A stone slams into the ground in front of Kinslayer.  She’s to survive, she has to move!


I was uninspired for this page, but I’m not altogether unhappy with it.  In fact, I think i spent more time on it than any of the past few pages and it’s still not finished at post time.  I’m posting what I have now and will update later with a more completed version a bit later.  What I have now is presentable-ish and carries the story well enough.  In fact, I’m really pleased with the impact of the stone.  I’m not very pleased with the composition, but it carries the story well enough, and it even looks pretty decent after coloring it.  …mostly coloring it.  There’s still some left to do.  And text.  Does it need sound effects?  That’s awfully cartoony and I haven’t really done them previously so is it appropriate to start now?  I can almost feel the impact of the stone in the ground with that hit.  I’m not entirely sure the idea of the stone hitting her pack carries nearly so well, but whatever.  I’ll look at it again in the morning and probably be just as unhappy.  lol

Edit: I’ve updated the image.  I added shadows to some things that I hadn’t touched previously and a couple sound effects which I hope fit what’s going on without breaking the feel.  If anyone has suggestions regarding these, please say something!  There are still a couple bits I could do here and there, but I think I’m going to leave it as it is.  The spear would be just off camera to the right.  I thought about adding it just so we all know it’s still there and it doesn’t magically appear later on, but I’ll figure that out soon.  I’ll have it in the background in the next page so we all know it’s still there before it becomes a problem.  Yay continuity errors!