1-3 Kinslayer and the Merchant part 1

Kinslayer gathers the items left for her as a new supplicant to the Guardians, a bowl, frock, sash, boots, and blanket.  A young apprentice merchant takes notice of our under-clothed heroine.


My apologies for the undersized panel.  I was still working out the correct size for my new format and ended up making three weeks of overflow panels.  This is week two, so one more week of this and then we’ll get to enjoy the appropriately sized panels finally.  So far it’s a change I like.  My storytelling was still built around the larger panels but I think I’ve gotten it right, finally.  The correct size is close to what last week’s page looks like.  The goal is to minimize scrolling as I feel that if you have to scroll to see too much of the page, you lose something in the overall impact.  This isn’t print media where you have the whole page laid out in front of you, so we have to do what we can.  Additionally, if I plan on doing 2 updates a week without sacrificing quality, the smaller format should help a great deal.  Once again, sorry for the oddly sized panel this week.  Things will normalize very soon.   XD

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