Chapter 1-29 “A Stone’s Throw”

Ntor the Black is no idiot.  This girl killed or defeated three people in quick succession back by the cart and shortly afterward killed both Cousin Ponytail and Mr. Lightning.  And even though she’s bleeding, she’s managed to walk nearly a quarter mile without assistance.  This is one time where melee is not a good idea because strong people seem to keep dying.  Good thing he happens to have his handy-dandy sling staff with him!  It’s his favorite weapon, after all.  And how fortuitous that this fight should occur on a river bank, home of countless smooth stones, just ripe for the slinging.


The staff sling is an ancient weapon about as old as the sling and used well into the age of gunpowder.  Its range is similar to a normal sling and its accuracy is very nearly the same.  Its advantage is it can throw heavier projectiles effectively and at a higher arc making them effective at throwing projectiles over fortifications.  Think handheld trebuchet.  Later they were used to throw grenades and incendiaries and were even used at sea for ship to ship combat.  The staff could even be used for melee combat if the enemy managed to close in.  Overall it was a very functional and effective weapon.  Ntor’s is a bit fancier than a typical model, having a custom grip with a bronze point allowing it to puncture armor if needed–something that’s come in handy more than once.

** Heh, when I wrote “trebuchet” the spellcheck thingy has it underlined.  When I checked it for suggested spelling, it said “Bucharest.”  Way to go spellcheck.

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