Chapter 1-28 “Succor”

Any shelter in a storm… is a leash and hindrance to a person with a single-minded desire to rescue.

What is this strange connection Juleamun has to her black bag?  She carried it through the ritual and it was one of the two items not destroyed by Sha’s flame.  Whatever it is, it seems to have reinvigorated her a bit.


**I love this page without the text.  I’ll likely be posting that at higher rez to my Devart page and/or Tumblr when I post my next comic.  Some things simply can’t be shown, or I lack the skill and imagination to show properly.  Whatever the case, I couldn’t figure how to carry the notion of clearer mind, easier breathing, and reinvigorated limbs without the text.  I do think I did a pretty reasonable image of feet of a person walking in pain, though.  I’m also trying to keep the blood spatters and markings consistent from comic to comic, keeping in mind that some would dry and wear off like where her hand would contact her staff as she walked.  Overthinking?  Maybe… but details are important!  OCD!!!!!!


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