Chapter 1-27 “A Sword to Avenge”

Kill any man’s kin and you’ll see his true rage.  Kill a barbarian’s kin and prepare for hell’s own fury.

Most small villages were very closely tied together through family, so when a group went raiding they most likely went with family and perhaps some fellas from the next village over–also likely tied by family.  This made for a pretty fearsome bunch as none would dare show cowardice, because who wants to look like a pansy in front of his uncle who will just go back and blab all about it to the wenches?  That will totally kill your night life, not to mention make for a very cold bed during the winter.  But beyond that, if any one of them died, you end up with a small horde of people out for blood–your blood.

A brief mention about the sword depicted.  It’s based on the bronze age sword called a khopesh.  I made mine a bit differently.  The hilt and grip aren’t cast all as one piece and it doesn’t have the reinforcing ridges along the back edge.  Also, mine has a bit of a stabbing tip, which really wasn’t practical for such a weapon.  They were literally hacking weapons.  The forward curved blade did give a longer cutting edge than an axe, but the balance was toward the tip and the curve reduced the surface area which struck increasing the damage potential significantly.  This was not a slashing weapon.  There was nothing subtle or gentle about the khopesh.  It was made for lopping limbs off and cutting through leather armor, or just cudgeling people with armor it couldn’t cut.

Ntor the Black (as I’ve taken to calling him) is wearing lemellar armor, a style of armor that’s been in use since ~900 BC and possibly earlier.  In this case, it’s made up of small bronze plates laced together and applied to a leather backing.
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