Chapter 1-26 “A Bloody Trail”

Kinslayer’s in a bad way.  It’s just the thought of her black bag that keeps her moving forward toward the river.  The problem is she left a bloody trail behind for the remaining barbarians to follow…

Edit: I meant to mention something about the axe, the 2nd in command is using there.  It’s called a socketed axe and was in common use during the bronze age.  The one here is cast in a mold and uses an eye cast into the bottom and a piece of rawhide to hold it in place.  Yay research!


I was late getting to this one, but I’m pleased with myself that I got it done on time.  I did both the half comic for 1-5 and this one pretty much in two days.  It doesn’t hurt that I got the roughs and linework mostly done last week during my little break.  I have to push myself over the next few days to not only get my next one completed but get the one after that started.  I’m going to be near death by the end of the chapter!

Meanwhile SWTOR released a new update with tons of new stuff that I really really want to try out.  How will Marc ever get to that while also keeping his comic schedule?  Life is rough, man!


Inky rage!

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