Chapter 1-25 “Weakened”

The worst of the storm is coming and our hero is already weakened.  What hope have we?


Our poor heroine is fatigued and wounded and she’s showing it.  I wrote this page initially with her just being a bit dizzy, but then I thought a bit more about the hits she sustained from Mr. Lightning as well as crashing into the tree.  Our lovely little darling may very well be concussed.  Check out how dilated her eye is.  That last bit was intentional.  I had a rough time figuring how to depict the blood that had fallen on her and her hair.  I tried to get it to match what was already there plus whatever may have fallen after slashing Lightning’s throat.  I was really happy with the effect, but the irregular shapes made the last two panels blend together too much so I broadened the border and that seems to have solved the issue.  Also, she mentions her black bag.  This is something I was thinking I’d reveal later, but after coming back to the broader story for the chapter it doesn’t make sense.  So like I mentioned in the previous comic, I’m updating 1-5 to have an upper half 4-panel bit explaining why she is attacking barbarians and why she’s now going where she’s going.

Question, when faced with a difficult task that you have to figure out, do you ever find yourself dawdling a lot?  When I’m really struggling, I feel a compulsion to go surf Ye Olde Webbe.  At times I do think it helps since it breaks me away for a bit and lets me come at it a bit fresher a little bit later.  But at the same time it makes what should be a 3-4 hour task turn into a 7-8 hour task.  That’s mainly because I’m pro when it comes to procrastination.

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