Chapter 1-24 “The Rage and the Fury”

Blustering rage, powerful, thundering strikes, and one opportunity taken.  With her arm somewhat freed, and the gods’ own luck, Kinslayer’s battle with Mr. Lightning is hereby ended–but at what cost?


Overall, I’m really really pleased with this page.  I’m thinking maybe I made the guy a bit too dark, even though he’s backlit.  Maybe a bit more midtone and highlight would have done the job.  I’ll need to stare at it while and maybe play with it again later on.  I’ll update if I figure it out.  I initially had a script for narrative, but decided that the text got in the way of the page’s feel and I think ended up being mostly redundant.

This is my first piece using Manga Studio 5 for the line work, which I then imported into Photoshop to do the colors.  I’ll play with Manga Studio a bit and see if I can start using it for coloring as well.  The linework for this piece makes me happpyyyyyy!  So happy, in fact, I’m thinking I’ll upload it as my very first incentive thinger for TopWebcomics.  Don’t forget to vote!  You’ll get a rather sizeable copy of the linework you can play with, color, whatever!


Inky rage!

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