Chapter 1-23 “Downpour”

After the wind has spent itself and the lightning has struck, you know the downpour is not far behind.


I have no doubt someone will ask me why she didn’t just poke his eye or cut his throat or go for a more valuable target than his arm.  She’s pinned and there’s only so much she can get to quickly and with any force.  She couldn’t even draw her arm to cut, fortunately, he did that for her.  And by the spray, I think she caught the artery.  Even if she doesn’t kill him right now, he’s dead in a matter of minutes.  Let’s just hope he doesn’t kill her, first.  We humans are such frail beasts…

I just got Manga Studio 5.  I didn’t have it for this one, but I’m using it for the linework of the next one.  Oh my god it’s awesome for doing line work.  It has a line stabilizing feature that makes every stroke I make a dream come true.  It’s more like I’m drawing with my hand, actually.  There is a very slight lag, but whatever.  It’s worth the quality I’ll be able to do in the future.  Once I get used to using it, it should also help me do the line work much faster since so much of my time was spent cleaning up my crappy lines in photoshop.  I think I’ll still be using Photoshop for the coloring as it’s more painty than anything, but I’ll experiment in my free time.

The first Thursday of the month is coming so I won’t be posting a comic next Thursday, August 1st.  I’ll be using this time to work out some story points, the website, and catching up on my comic as I’ve been lagging behind a bit.  I’ve been having a rough time keeping up with the twice a week schedule, so starting next chapter I think I’ll go back to one per week again with extra posts as time allows.  I may also be bribed for more posts through donations, though I doubt I’ll get much action on that, just yet.  What’s important is that I’ve started to get a bit of an archive and we’re starting to get a bit of knowledge about the mind and will of young Juleamun.


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