Chapter 1-22 “Helpless”

Alone, caught beneath the overwhelming strength of a grown barbarian, Kinslayer struggles desperately for a single breath.


I struggled a while trying to figure out how best to convey her feeling of desperation.  You can only get so much from a choking face.  Sure it tells you something but it doesn’t include the other actors in the story.  Her hand is what’s interacting most with Mr. Lightning, pressing against him, adjusting to his change in body shape as he leans forward, finding the item that just might save her life…  Our little Juleamun is never truly helpless, mind you.  She’s a fighter through and through.  Overall I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.  I’m sure I did something that will make me sick in a couple weeks, but to my eye it looks about as good a bit of work as I’ve ever done.  I also thought of making a joke, “I can feel his breath–a small grace that I cannot smell it,” or something like that.  It just didn’t fit.  >.>  What would Spiderman say in a situation like this?  He’s always got something clever to say.


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