Chapter 1-20 “Lightning Strikes”

Sweep the legs!  The legs are a fighter’s foundation.  They’re what give you the power for all your attacks and what keep you mobile in defense.  Stirrups weren’t developed to make riding easier.  They were invented to give you a sturdy platform from which to swing your sword or bend your bow.  Without their legs, a fighter is helpless.  How can Kinslayer turn down such an easy target?

And how can Mr. Lightning (not his actual name–that’s probably Blargnorf or something like that.  silly barbarians…)  turn away from such an easy target?  It’s what I’d call a strike of opportunity.  You hit what you can and whittle down your opponent.  Julea’s a fast little thing, but a stab to her calf should slow her down and make her an easy kill.


(mooo!)  I’m actually not really that happy with this page.  The last one (1-19) is probably my favorite yet, but this one feels to me to be the worst.  I don’t know what it is, but it just doesn’t feel at all tight.  If anyone can give any pointers, I would be glad for them!  What’s important is that it tells the story and I think it does that alright.  It’s just not as exciting and engaging as I would want.  It’s no aesthetically pleasing.  >.>  I’ll save the rest of my QQs for tonight when it’s dark and nobody is around to witness.  xD


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