Chapter 1-19 “Blooded”

“With a roar and a crash, a great bear fell upon their hunt and all fled in fear, dropping spear and stone, leaving behind their kill, all but Myal.  And as it was for all great warriors of the clan, so it was for Myal as she stood before the great bear, when fate called her name.  It stood high and roared, she stood fast with spear and shield.  As claw dug into flesh and spear bit into hide their blood mixed and their souls intertwined.  When at last with shattered shield and broken spear she stood over its great body, she took its strength and was forevermore known as Myal Ussurab–Myal Bearheart.”

–from the story of Myal of An.

In the lore of the Umat, one becomes a warrior when they take a wound in battle and their blood mixes with that of their enemies, they become blooded.  The blood is the vehicle of the soul, it is the gift of Nou, what gives all creatures life.  When blood is mixed with a worthy foe, their souls are met and the victor gains something of their essence.  Kinslayer takes her first wound, small though it is.  It is her first real confrontation with mortality, though to be honest the only thing going through her mind is “oh shit! oh shit! oh shit!”  I’m paraphrasing, of course.


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