Chapter 03-06 “Lullaby”

Sometimes it’s good to distract someone with a very dull subject while the sedative does its job.  For my bestie, I just gave her crayons and a coloring book and she was good in no time.

*  Spoiler alert?  Oh, too late?  Remember that bit that I didn’t finish about the courtship of Sha and Nou?  The Spirit of flame and the Spirit of waters finally came to rest together… a sort of mutual murder/love thing.  When they joined, they created the Spirit of the winds, Mie, and the Spirit of earth, Kou.  And so the world was created.  All things are made of the four Spirits in different measure.  The gods of this world are either the former servants of the Great Spirits, or are among the first children of the world.  Amun was among the youngest, only coming into being when the first creature came to life.

**  So the wrist is getting much better.  I couldn’t quite get the colors right, but I’m okay with the end result.  For now, it’s time to sleep.

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