Battleborn part 1

Kinslayer hears the cries of a person being attacked and rushes to their aid.  She will learn her inner strength in the fight ahead, she will be battleborn.


Okay, this is the last of the small comics.  All the ones to come are of the new size.  I’m trying new things here with almost every comic.  I’m not a trained artist (and it shows) but I’m trying to push myself to the edge with every new page so that I can progress and hopefully produce pages the quality that I want.  Don’t get me wrong… I’m happy with the work I’ve done.  I’m so happy with how my skill has progressed just over these past 20+ pages.  If you have critique or suggestion, I would be very happy to receive it.

This one, I tried to do sun dappling.  I tried to do action lines, but it ended up looking completely retarded.  I don’t think my style really supports the more comic book-ish action/motion cues.  I will have to work on that a bit… maybe motion blurred backgrounds or something.  I’ll be working on it.  lol


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This is the updated version of 1-5 “Battleborn 1″

The old version was simply the lower half.  The way I had the story set up, the details of her day were revealed in the next part of the story, however, it dawned on me that particular choice really took away from this part of the story and even really hurt the comics toward the end of the chapter where the black bag becomes a significant item to Julea.  I have introduced here the setting, what she was doing prior to the coming battle, the other characters who she will be seeking to rescue, and how she came to know there was an enemy to battle.

Thank you all for putting up with my neophyte storytelling.  I’m doing my best to make sure I bring the finest work.  I certainly hope you like it and I really hope this improvement enhances your enjoyment of the chapter.