Jan 22Lessons With Julea – Armor
Jan 27Ch. 2-0 Roads
Feb 7Ch. 2-01 Taalu at the Temple Market
Feb 15Ch. 2-02 The Master of the Temple Market
Feb 21Ch. 2-03 Yes, Summon the Guards
Feb 28Ch. 2-04 A Kind Hand
Mar 8Ch. 2-05 A Missed Opportunity
Mar 15Ch. 2-06 Enough
Mar 26Ch. 2-07 Hubris and Fear
Apr 22-08 Trial
Apr 11Ch.2-09 Verdict
Apr 19Ch. 2-10 Branded
Apr 27Ch. 2-11 Condemned
May 72-12 Master Olya
May 17Ch. 2-13 Inside Joke
May 22Ch. 2-14 Baras’ Guess
Jun 2Ch. 2-15 A Bounty
Jun 12Ch. 2-16 Catch!
Jun 24Ch. 2-17 Olya Crossed
Jul 2Ch. 2-18 The Temple Stairs
Jul 10Ch. 2-19 Recalling Kalem
Jul 17Ch. 2-20 A Challenged Conception
Jul 25Ch. 2-21 Masters’ Weapons
Aug 2Ch. 2-22 About Kalem
Aug 15Ch. 2-23 Blessed of Aniya
Aug 22Ch. 2-24 Visiting Fate
Sep 2Ch. 2-25 Hedri Rescues
Sep 10Ch. 2-26 Sundered
Sep 20Ch. 2-27 The Child
Sep 27Ch. 2-28 A Choice of Conscience
Oct 8Ch. 2-29 The Marked One
Oct 18Ch. 2-30 Watched
Oct 25Ch. 2-31 Unimpressed
Nov 1Ch. 2-32 Amun Curious
Nov 8Ch. 2-33 To Know the Enemy
Nov 15Ch. 2-34 Grit
Nov 23Ch. 2-35 Bluff
Dec 8Ch. 2-36 Fold
Dec 15Ch. 2-37 A Moment’s Rest
Dec 29Ch. 2-38 Escape


Jan 5Ch. 2-39 A Daughter’s Love
Jan 15Ch. 2-40 Focus
Jan 26Ch. 2-41 Kalem Takes Shelter
Feb 9Ch. 2-42 Kalem Sees Nata
Feb 22Ch. 2-43 Kalem Faces Nata
Mar 3Ch. 2-44 Kalem Recalls
Mar 12Ch. 2-45 Illumination
Mar 23Ch. 2-46 Amun Examines
Apr 6Ch. 2-47 Journey’s End
Apr 19Ch. 2-48 A Beautiful Rest
May 8Ch. 2-49 Into the Dusk
May 19Ch. 2-50 Punctuation
May 30Ch. 2-51 Sebriin
Jun 14Ch. 2-52 At the Shovel’s Rest
Jun 28Ch. 2-53 Greasing the Wheels
Jul 13Ch. 2-54 Discussing Carrots
Aug 2Ch. 2-55 The Revaluation of Carrots
Aug 21Ch. 2-56 The Agreed Price
Sep 11Storytime: Nou-sen Sha Ka Tabri Cover
Sep 20Storytime: Nou-sen Sha Ka Tabri – Sha Awakens
Oct 16Storytime: Nou-sen Sha Ka Tabri – Nou Reveals
Oct 29Storytime: Nou-sen Sha Ka Tabri – Nou Dances
Nov 10Storytime: Nou-sen Sha Ka Tabri – Sha Turns Away the Shadows
Dec 4Storytime: Nou-sen Sha Ka Tabri – Sha Creates the Gods
Dec 23Storytime: Nou-sen Sha Ka Tabri – Sha Prepares for War